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A Word from Kristen

Did you ever go visit one of those Fun Houses at the State Fair? You never knew what was going to be waiting around the corner. You creeped through cautious, curious, and excited because something whimsical, odd, or even WICKED could be around the corner but you enjoyed it none the less…

MIXED MEDIA FUNHOUSE is the “escape” and art studio of Kristen Penrod. Her escape is not one of travel but a journey of the mind and imagination. She creates one of a kind assemblages that could be described somewhere in between whimsical and wicked, and are far from reality.

These assemblages are usually not planned or drawn. They are formed entirely from the combination of many peculiar found objects: Barbies, bat wings, and vintage toys… Starting with a single piece found at a garage sale or an antique mall, her pieces evolve, grow and take on a life of their own. 

Kristen did not learn art the traditional way. In fact, she started later in life and was so intimidated by it, that her husband signed her up for her first sculpture class, followed by classes in encaustics, jewelry, painting, collage, and more. Today, Kristen is breaking through into the art world as an Assemblage Artist. 

“Self Portal” is her most recent and largest creation to date. An eccentric self-portrait, which Kristen describes as “an artist’s journey through time” features a clock with the year 2003—the year she began her art journey, and below that is a time machine fashioned out of auto parts, a telephone, and pencil sharpener. Her own face and hand burst out of the centre and into today’s world.

When you look at Kristen’s art she is wanting you to escape: to wonder, be curious…, laugh, be surprised or scared. So admit one ticket and enjoy the ride!